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Longrange Logistics  was established with the sole aim of enabling growth, by providing efficient and prompt logistics, freight forwarding & transportation solutions to east and central africa and connections with the rest of the world.

In addition, it also offers various other support services like warehousing, customs clearance and documentation, etc.


Nick O.
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


We pride ourselves on making transport simple and affordable. We offer safe, time saving and convenient transportation services in your area. Request a quote.


We’ll navigate a safe passage for your imports and exports. We can offer you choice and flexibility over the type of service available when sending freight by air.

Over the last years we have established relationships with industry partners and we are firmly positioned to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf. Special spot rates may also be available on request.

Sea Freight

We operate from an asset-less non-vessel operating base, which ensures that we have unrestricted and unlimited capacity worldwide. Longrange Logistics Cargo can provide customers with a door to door service able to leverage the various partnerships with WIN agents or any of its other logistics partners.

Staff are not only trained to understand sea freight operations but will always look at providing optimal solutions .


Shipping goods by international parcel courier is one of the quickest and most efficient methods to send parcels overseas.

It’s also flexible, reliable and secure, allowing you to track the movements of your cargo every step of the way.

You’ll also benefit from unrivalled customer service, helping you to make every shipping experience smooth and simple.

Supply Chain Solutions


At Longrange logistics, we marry business process, technology and your company culture to develop strategies and a plan so you can implement business improvements that get near-term and long-term results. Through our Consulting Group, we analyze your supply chain and make recommendations that deliver true business value.

With supply chain optimization comes the ability to make smart business decisions. We help you see what you never knew possible, from increasing revenue and cost reduction to improved quality and improved delivery.

Transportation Services

We can combine the economy of air transport with road transport handling for seamless door-to-door service and savings. Our transport network throughout Kenya with large transport trucks, closed body trailers, flat bed trailers and low loaders fleet are aligned to offer transport applications suitable for all transportation needs. Whether your freight requires rail transport or road transportation service, door-to-door transport, coast-to-coast transport, or cross-border transportation, Longrange Logistics is the solution.

Delivery and Pickup

Longrange offers a door to door collection and delivery service through 200 local couriers, offering simple, convenient and affordable parcel delivery.

Longrange couriers are recruited from within the areas that they live, which means that their local knowledge is second to none. For example if your customer/recipient isn’t at home but works around the corner, our couriers will usually be only too happy to make a detour to ensure the customer receives their parcel as soon as possible.


Sudhin Shah
Nothing is ever a problem and they go out of their way to assist you - Duplex Machines

“Longrange logistics is a company we have dealt with for over 5 years. The level of professionalism and service is second to none.

They handle all our needs from customs clearance right through to delivery to all parts of the Kenya and East Africa. The job is done with the minimum of fuss and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other company.”


Q1. What are the procedures and the requirements for importation into Kenya and clearance through Customs?

To import any commodity into Kenya, an importer will have to enlist the services of a clearing agent who will process the import documentation through Kenya Revenue Authority (Customs) electronically and clear the goods on your behalf. Longrange logistics is a Licensed C&F agent for the last 6 years and we are very proficient in offering this service.
An import declaration fee (IDF) of 2.0% of the CIF Value.
Customs will assess duty payable depending on the value of the item(s) and the duty rate applicable.

Q2. What are the Documents needed for importation and/or Exportation into/out of Kenya?

For Importation, you shall need the below documents ready at least five (5) days prior cargo arrival in Kenya.

  • Original Bills of lading – x 3 (duly stamped & endorsed at the back) / Copy of Airway Bill (for Airfreight shipments)
  • Original Packing list – x 3
  • Original Commercial invoice – x 3
  • Signed TT/wire transfer confirmation (by Bank) – (just in case if required) to support the values indicated in the commercial invoice – this is proof of payment.
  • Marine/Insurance cover note – customs will apply 1.5% of C&F value in absence of this document.
  • Certificate of conformity/analysis (CoC) – if items imported are required to be inspected under the KEBS list of goods to be inspected (Inspection certificate from SGS / Bureau Veritas / CCIC / Intertek)
  • Certificate of Road-worthiness – this relates to All Motor vehicles imported in Kenya. This is issued by JEVIC vehicle inspection company
  • Certificate of Analysis / Health certificate – incase of Foodstuffs
  • Valid Imports Permit – Incase of Live Animals and Plants. These Permits can be sourced from the Kenya Veterinary Department (for animals) and KEPHIS (for live plants)
  • IDF and Original payment receipt – incase Removal Goods Services (K) Ltd did not apply the IDF on your behalf.
  • Copy of Importer’s PIN – whether the importer is a company or an individual.
  • Authority letter – a letter appointing us as your authorized C&F agent for your shipment.

For Exportation from Kenya, you shall need the below documents ready at least five (5) days prior cargo departure in Kenya.

  1. Original Packing list – x 3
  2. Original Commercial invoice – x 3
  3. Copy of Exporter’s PIN
  4. Authority letter – a letter appointing RGS Kenya Ltd as your authorized C&F agent for your shipment.

PS: The above documents lists are not Exhaustive. For a full confirmation of the documents you are required to have during importation/exportation, remember to check with us. We shall guide you accordingly based on the type of cargo you will be shipping.

Q3.How much duty can I expect to pay on importation of a second hand motor vehicle?

The duty payable on the importation of a motor vehicle is as follows:

  • Import Duty: 25% of the Customs value of the vehicle
  • Excise Duty: 20% of the (Customs value + Import Duty)
  • VAT: 16% of the (Customs value + Import Duty + Excise Duty)
  • IDF: 2.0% of the Customs value .

The Customs value of the vehicle is deduced from the Current Retail Selling Price (CRSP) of the vehicle. Find the list of Current Retail Selling Price value (CRSP value) for ALL vehicles

Based on the age of the vehicle, you can easily calculate the taxes payable for your vehicle quite easily. You may find the tax calculator here for your action. It is always good to consult us for concrete confirmation of the figures. We will be happy to assist you.

Q4. What is the maximum age of second hand motor vehicles allowed into the country?

Motor vehicles of over 8 years old are not allowed into Kenya as per the KS 1515:2000 quality standard by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Kenya Customs enforces this requirement.


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